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KickfurtherMid to Senior Level Laravel Full-stack Engineer






Mid to Senior Level Laravel Full-stack Engineer Kickfurther is creating a marketplace that serves users who want to earn money by participating in the retail economy, and consumer product businesses who need financing for inventory to meet their own growing demand and production cycles. We use 3rd-party data integrations from a wide variety of sources to vet co-op applications and automate business processes. We regularly close crowd-sourced funding campaigns in just a few minutes as our user base rushes to fund co-ops, meaning that we simultaneously process many transactions in a seamless way. Kickfurther itself just closed our largest investment round; there is a lot to accomplish and we have the means to accomplish it. Do you want to join our funded, growing team to help build our differentiated approach focused on crowd-funding physical inventory? We are looking for a few full-stack engineers for our dev team. The team is still fairly small, so all your contributions will be noticed. All of your work will be deployed once it is reviewed, so you will be an essential part of building our platform. What we value Along with honesty and a strong work ethic, we value the ability to learn and grow, both as individuals and as members of a team. We embrace modern technology, but we also recognize the value of the tried and true so that we can create a robust, stable fintech plaform. We stick to lightweight processes and tools, but we place a higher value on the people and the team. We try to create an environment where people are happy, because happy people make better decisions, write better code, and make great products. We prefer simple solutions to complex problems, and complicate things only when absolutely necessary. Job description We are looking for Laravel web application developers to work on our product. The responsibilities may include such things as: Doing data model design, implementation, and optimization Building out the core business logic Creating new APIs to this logic Creating and improving our user-facing UI Creating and improving our internal business dashboards Integrating to 3rd party data sources, then intelligently using that data The ideal candidate will be a full-stack web application developer, but we understand that you might have a particular talent for back or front end work. Requirements Strong professional Laravel experience, preferably using the TALL stack An eye for detail and a commitment to quality work A preference for TDD or some other rigorous testing methodology Fluent in Git and use of Gitflow or a similar such workflow Use of continuous integration/deployment and automated testing pipelines Working knowledge of developing applications that will be deployed to AWS Able to communicate with team members and stakeholders, in meetings and in writing Passion for building quality applications +/- 3 hours from EST timezone (i.e., North, Central, or South America) (as an organization, we're not quite ready to be distributed over too many timezones) Bonus points There are a number of optional skills that are worth "bonus points". Experience with Livewire, Laravel Valet, Statamic Deep expertise with with Tailwind, Alpine, and/or frameworks like VueJS or React, and/or a great eye for design (we have a lot of UI work on our roadmap) Deep expertise in data visualization, especially business data SQL expertise Great DevOps skills Startup experience If you are a quick learner, passionate about your work, and are highly motivated, we urge you to consider applying even if you don’t meet every single requirements listed in this posting. To apply, please send your resume and portfolio to developers@kickfurther.com. Benefits Competitive salary, based on location Health, dental & vision insurance for US-based employees; some cash compensation for non-US Paid holidays and vacations Work from (almost) anywhere Flexible work hours, excellent work/life balance